Nazism: Nut jobs on the left or on the right side of the political spectrum?

Nazism is a short form of National Socialism. Among its defining traits is the thought that not everyone has the same worth and that killing people because of their mental state, ethnicity, religious beliefs etc is OK as long as it benefits the Nation State.

Notice that for some reason nazism has been framed as a right wing thing although the original thing was completely a socialist idea: To serve the Population of the contry the right of the individual has to go, even the right to live.

Today we are seeing a right wing variant of this: While the old nazist regime would organize cheap mass killings the trend is singling out and killing bothersome individuals almost(1) even before they start their life. The result is the same though: A society free from bothersome individuals. And while the idea of who have the right to live or not has changed the result is the same: A society free from ineffective individuals and individuals that causes more harm than benefit.

Conclusion: The framing of nazism as a right wing thing might be inaccurate and the age old ideas that not everyone has the right to live still exists happily in todays political landscape.

(1) almost: According to newspapers many abortions are carried out by starting premature births and then letting the babies die from cold and exhaustion with doctors that are trained to save lifes of other premature children just seconds away.

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