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Mansanto Took the Bees to Court for infringement of intellectual property

For infringement of intellectual property. The judge put a restraining order on the bees to remain at least two hundred yards away from all Mansanto plants and fined them $2,320 for each unlicensed strand of DNA collected from Mansanto plants and distributed to a competing plant.

– eldavojohn @ slashdot

Mansanto Took the Bees to Court


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Progress in the middle of the night

Since last post I have now figured out the quick solution to run xampp with mongodb, thanks to this post: I ended up running mongodb through my old z-wamp, copied the php_mongo.dll file from z-wamp and added it to php.ini … Continue reading

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Early spring in Norway this year

I already see the first leaves on the rose bushes in our garden and I hope we’ll see the first leaves on my fruit trees, too, before April.

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Daylight savings time and my alarm clock

Being quite busy on Sunday morning this week I had to make sure I got ot of bed at the correct time. Rather than figuring out when my cell phone would switch to Norwegian DST  figured I was better of … Continue reading

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Unpacking xampp, Windows Explorer vs 7-zip

Windows explorer: a little more than 1 MB/s, estimated finish time 30 minutes. 7-zip: 12MB/s, finished before I looked at my watch.

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Today I did, and learned, so far

Some of the things Iearned and did so far today. I was up at 6 (am that is for Americans) and now it is already 20.25 (again, 8.25pm for Americans) and I’m going to work tonight from 3 or 4 … Continue reading

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A couple of windows shortcuts

Ctrl+Shift +Esc opens Task Manager. (Nice to know if Explorer, the Windows shell, has crashed. You can then use the File menu an New Task to run explorer and you get your shell back.) Right clicking the task bar you … Continue reading

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